About ΦΔ


Beauty Without Definition~

“The purpose of the sorority Phi Delta is to create a balanced organization of beautiful, smart, caring, fun-loving university women who have a true desire to serve others through numerous philanthropic and social events.”



Phi Delta was created in Fall 2006 by nine women who wanted a sorority that best fit their personal values. No one wanted to choose between social or service which is why Phi Delta is under special interest.  Phi Delta has three pillars that we base our events around; philanthropy, sisterhood, and social.  We make our activities are as diverse as our girls are. Though we have three pillars, not one is more important than the others. With us being a smaller, close knit group of girls, everyone’s voice is heard, so if you have an great event idea, all you have to do is speak up!






Every semester Phi Delta supports the local charities around the Kirksville community. We also have other events such as volunteering at the Humane Society and the Clothes Closet Ministry. thrift store. In the past we’ve raised money for Relay for Life and have raised money to send a camper to Camp EDI. We also participate in the Big Event held by Truman every Spring Semester. Our most recent philanthropy cents have included the Polar Plunge, Camping for a Cause and Necessities for Life. 

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Sisterhood: We have had a wide range of sisterhood events  from spa nights to holiday parties, crafting and game nights.  We try to keep our events as diverse as possible every semester so we’re constantly experiencing new things among sisters. In the Fall semester we go on a sisterhood retreat where the whole weekend is devoted to sister time. In the Spring, we participate in field day, a day to play in the sun, or sorority family Olympics.




Even though we’re not officially Greek, we often have different themed social mixers with Truman’s fraternities and other organizations on campus.  Each semester we have one big social event. In the fall we have date-party, a themed mixer for Phi Delts and their dates and in the Spring we have formal, a more elegant gathering for our members.